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In Devotion To Love

Welcome to the Goddess Temple of Love. We are so grateful that you are here. This Sacred Temple Space is an offering of love dedicated to the collective healing of all beings, in Divine service to the Goddess (The Divine Mother). It is our mission to support the reclamation and remembrance of the sacredness of woman.


Through thousands of years of patriarchy, the dominance, oppression and suppression of woman, fear and dogma, humanity has suffered greatly. All of humanity has suffered. The suppression of woman is the suppression of  love, nourishment, nurturance and deep heart centered sensuality, and we see this reflected in the world.


The journey of reclaiming the sacredness of woman, is necessary for personal transformation and the collective healing of all of humanity. When we remember mothers wisdom, the power of the womb, mother as first guru, as sacred and remember our true Nature as divine, sovereign, holy beings, we begin to transform our lives and the world around us. Through our devotion  to the path and deep sadhana, we can become embodiments of the Goddess, alchemists of love and portals of divine intoxication, transforming everyone and everything we come in contact with, through the elixir of unconditional love. 


Aja Solé Shah

Our Temple Guide

*Aja "Solé" Shah is the temple guide of the Goddess Temple of Love and the creatrix of Devi Tribe Wellness. She is a Billboard Award winning Hip-Hop artist who left the mainstream music industry in the early 2000's to embark upon a spiritual journey. She is dedicated to raising the vibration of love on the planet through awakening the Goddess within every woman. She is a trusted, loving and highly skilled Priestess and guide for many. 

Solé is an initiated Sadhika of Shakta Tantra and Sri Vidya in the Nath Sampradaya of the Kaulachara Dattatreya Tradition, as well as a 500 hr. Certified Bhakti Nova Hatha Yoga Teacher, 300 hr. Certified Jivamukti Yoga Teacher, 250 hr. Certified Mystical Dance Teacher, Sound Healer, Kemetic Yoga Practitioner, Womb Sauna Practitioner trained in Pelvic Floor Yoga Asana, Reiki Practitioner, Black Belt in Kung Fu, Clinical Herbalist, Ayurveda Wellness Practitioner, Belly Dancer, Odissi Dancer, Birth Doula, Inner Shakti Pre Natal Yoga Teacher, Red Tent Facilitator, Taoist Jade Temple Initiate, Oracle and Ordained Priestess. In addition, she has a Certificate in Plant Based Nutrition from the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies.

She has traveled the world studying and immersing herself in the wisdom of many ancient traditions and has had the privilege of sitting at the feet of many wise teachers and elders. She considers herself a lifelong student and is most grateful for and honors her ancestors and offers infinite pranams at the lotus feet of her guru and all of her teachers and guides along the path.

Sole is available for domestic and international retreats, workshops,

 and speaking engagements.

For musical bookings/performances or inquiries, email Kavon Shah at


For spiritual and wellness bookings email Cypress Lee at

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Goddess Temple of Love

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