Goddess Temple of Love

The Temple Doors Are Open

A wooden statue of the Hindu goddess Lak

 The Living Goddess Tradition

"Come... Enter into the Mysterium... Into the Temple of The Goddess. This Temple is strewn with rose petals, peonies and honey. It is filled with love, sensuousness and a deep, Divine Feminine wisdom, gnosis, poured out from the Universal Mother, the womb of creation through sacred embodiment, dance, song, inner reflection and true beauty. A wisdom that lies in the inner sanctum, the holy of holies, far beyond that which our minds can perceive. Welcome beloveds. I honor you. 


-Aja "Solé" Shah


"Thank you so much for this divine, loving, and informative offering. It was truly a deep remembrance and return of the divine feminine essence that has always flowed through me but was forgotten and tucked away during my teenage years."

Daaiyah Yasir