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Goddess Temple of Love presents: 

Saundarya: A Tantric Yogini Sangha - Awakening a Heart of Divine Beauty, Devotion, Sensuousness and Love.

Sunday, October 30, 2022

11 am - 2 pm 

Dragon Academy of Martial Arts

8807 Annapolis Rd., Lanham, MD 20706


Saundarya in its simplest form means beauty. The feminine Nature is always closely associated with beauty and the very essence of beauty is Goddess. Tantra asks that we seek the very source of beauty, allowing it to draw us closely to the Goddess Herself. 

During this Tantric Yogini Sangha, we will gather together in the ancient way of woman, as a sacred community of devotees of the Mother, to draw close to the source of beauty and awaken a heart of devotion, sensuousness and love. 

Musick-Ology Presented by Professor Griff and Solé

Everlasting Life
Capital Heights, Md
Sat: 10/29 @ 1pm

You Are the Song You Sing


The Weaponization of Black Music:

Music's Psychological Triggering Of Emotions

How music affects the brain: the weaponization of sound frequencies.

Weaponized music. Record  company's change their Artists music from 432 hertz to 440 hertz.Music has the power to cloud reason, stir rage, cause pain, even kill.

The Desecration of
The Holy Temple:

Women, Rap Music and
the Disempowerment
of Humanity + How We Can Change The Trajectory with Sacred Sound and the Living Goddess Tradition

For Musick-Ology Lecture only with Sole and Professor Griff, Click the "Register" button and you will be directed to Professor Griff PayPal. Send payment of $25 via PayPal and write  "Musick-Ology Lanham" in the note/message section of PayPal along with your name and you will be added to the list at the door. 

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