Sacred Feminine

"I am everywhere, infusing everything. To find me, become absorbed in intense experience. Go all the way. Be drenched in the energies of life. Enter the world beyond separation. The light of a candle reveals a room. The rays of the sun reveal the world. So does the divine feminine illumine the way to me."

-Banter Verses 20-21, Vijnana Bhairava Tantra, The Radiance Sutras

"Whosoever has seen the feet of woman let him worship them as those of his guru."

-Kubjikā Tantra

"The spirit of the Fountain dies not. It is called the mysterious Feminine. The doorway of the mysterious Feminine is called the root of Heaven-and-Earth. Lingering like gossamer, it has only a hint of existence; and yet when you draw upon it, it is inexhaustible. "

-Tao Te Ching


"Look at my three-petalled lotus, its center adorned with stamen. It is a Buddha paradise, adorned with a Red Buddha, a cosmic mother who bestows, bliss and tranquility on the passionate."

-Candamaharosana Tantra

"Through your Love, existence and non-existence merge. All opposites unite. All that is profane becomes sacred again."

-Rumi, The Alchemy of Love

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Dearest sister, the temple gates are open and welcoming you with open arms and hearts filled with love. We are so honored to have you here and are in ecstatic bliss with the thought of connecting with you in the ancient way of woman. This offering is a remembrance of an ancient past when the Goddess tradition was flourishing and woman, the deep feminine mysteries and the priestess was revered as sacred.


 If you are a women who longs to raise the vibration of love on the planet, reawaken your senses and sensuousness, magnetize to your being more love, abundance, radiance, femininity, true beauty and the essence of who you are as a divine feminine embodied being, to empower your womb and become the sovereign queen of your own realm and the priestess of your own home, then "Embodying The Goddess: A Return To Sensuousness & Embodied Love", may be the immersion for you.

This online offering is an introductory 12 week deep dive into the reclamation of our deep feminine essence and mystery and becoming the embodiment of the Goddess of Love archetype.  It is a remembrance of woman as sacred  and the cultivation of a conscious, intimate relationship with the Goddess (Feminine Aspect of Divinity) in her many forms, as She lives in each of us.

In a world that has taught us, through thousands of years of patriarchy, fear, oppression and dogma as well as the overculture that reveres conquer over nurture, achievement over love, and power at any cost, we have become aggressively violent, desensitized and overly masculinized feminine essence beings in many ways. Many of us have forgotten what it really means to be a feminine woman, to be revered as sacred, radiant, receptive, open, juicy, respected and adored, nourishing and nourished, filled to the brim with pure essence and radiating sensuousness as a powerful force of magnetism.  


Through trauma, fear, abuse, oppression and dogma, woman has collectively been conditioned to be overly aggressive, competitive, jealous, overtly & distortedly hypersexualized (or completely frigid and shut down) woman.  We have forgotten the sensuousness of being, how to relate healthily to the divine masculine, the wisdom of mother as first guru and the power of the womb, resulting in a humanity that is disconnected from true divine love, sensuousness, nourishment and nurturance.






If you feel disconnected from your truest essence or struggle to find love and beauty within or maintain loving, nurturing relationships, Embodying The Goddess will help you to reclaim your magnetic, juicy, softness, to embrace and nourish yourself, to recognize your true power as a divine, fully embodied sacred woman. If you want to invite more sensuality, healthy feminine sexual power and deeper connections with all of humanity, all of nature, this 12 week deep dive will empower you with tools to help you transform your life and being. 

We will dive into many ways that you may cultivate your feminine essence to become more magnetic, more sensuous, to walk as love, to heal the places inside yourself that are waiting to be loved, to BECOME the embodiment of the Goddess, for the benefit of ALL beings.

For your heart centered investment of $444

(or 3 payments of $177) you will receive:

2 Live Calls Per Moon (month)*​ (7 total including Opening & Closing Ceremony)

Videos of Embodiment Practices​*

Recorded Teachings*

Audio Meditations

Sacred Rituals


Also Receive:

First notice of upcoming in person retreats with discounted rate

15% Discount on Goddess of Love Elixer & other Goddess products at Devi Tribe Wellness & MORE!!



*Live Calls will be recorded and posted for those who are unable to make them at the dates/times.

*Embodiment practices will include sacred shapes belly dance basics, mystical dance practice, feminine form yoga and MORE

*Recorded teachings will include lessons on how to reconnect to your senses, how to become a fully embodied, sensuously feminine being, how to relate to the divine masculine and heal the divine masculine/feminine relationship as well as healing the sisterhood. We will explore how to  honor yourself as whole, holy AND sensuous plus receive wellness and herbal tips for nourishing your divine femine being.

This offering is packed with so much feminine, juicy, goodness and practices to help you remember your true divine nature, (not what society and dogma has placed on woman), empower your sacred seat of creation (womb) and to BECOME a walking embodiment of the Goddess, a true alchemist of love and a magical portal of divine intoxication, transforming all back into love. 

Come step into a cloud of Shakti Sensuousness as we meet communally in the ancient way of woman (through modern technology), practice the feminine arts and BECOME the embodiment of love in honor and devotion to HER.


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