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Tantric Inner Shakti Heart/Womb Mantra Introduction

In this 30 minute introductory offering, we share a short guided meditation, a talk on Womb Shakti, The Way of the Divine Mother and the importance of the reclamation of our deep feminine essence as well as an introductory Nectar Distilling Mantra Practice with Kamalatmika's Bija (seed) Mantra, to move energy in the body and help awaken a heart of love and devotion. This offering is a beautiful way to feel into the energy of the Goddess Temple of Love. 

$12 USD Minimum Love Donation 

30 Days Access To Offering

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Mantras are sacred sound vibrations, revealed sacred utterances of power, channels of communication with the Divine. Words are extremely powerful and those that are recognizable in our language derive their power through feeling or intensity whereas revealed, sacred words (mantras) that cannot be easily recognized or have no precise, understandable meaning, yet have the ability to construct divine life form, go even deeper. We have the ability to access deeper levels of consciousness and awaken latent powers and wisdom on the inside through the use of mantra. 

Night Sky

Heaven On Earth

The womb which births forth all of creation must be treated as a sacred temple. It is only when woman and the womb is once again revered as sacred that we will be able to experience true heaven on earth. 


When we speak, we directly impact our wombs and every cell of our bodies, programming the cells with the frequency of our words, directly empowering or disempowering ourselves.  Everything we listen to and speak has a profound effect upon our wombs, our energy bodies, our physical health, our spirit and entire being.

Through sacred sound practices using mantra, we have the ability to affect every cell of our body, alter DNA and resurrect the holy temple of the living God/dess (our body) to the essence of the Divine.


$12 USD Minimum Love Donation 

30 Days Access To Offering

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