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"By this praise unto thee, O Soma,

May we enter the secret caves of intuitive wisdoms;

Do reveal unto us the luminosities that are thine,

The earthly ones and the heavenly ones.

By this power and sacrament thine, Oh Soma,

May we wander freely in the secret contemplative revelations; 

Do kindle unto us the fires that are thine,

The earthly ones and the heavenly ones."


Come indulge in a state of divine intoxication, one where the wine is not drunk from the mouth but in the heart. 

For 3 days at a private location in Atlanta Ga, we will offer Sacred Body Rituals to enliven the body and awaken a heart of love. 

(Private location is within 30 min of Atlanta Metro area. Address to location will be provided 24 - 48 hours before your appt

Choose from 4 ritualistic body offerings crafted with love by Elena LaKay and Aja Sole Shah, both thoroughly trained and highly skilled educators, practitioners and guides. Be attended to by both priestesses as a deep honoring to your Self. We offer these rituals from a deep heart of love and devotion to the deep feminine awakening.  

We offer you this sacred medicine:

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Saucha शौच : A Sacred Offering of Ritual Body Purification: 

(Detoxification Therapy - 4 hours)


  • Ceremonial Tea Offering

  •  Herbal Purification Ritual Bathing

  •  Far Infared Sauna

  •  Craniocervical/ Facial Massage

  •  Therapeutic Massage

  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage Head, Neck & Face protocol

  • Dry Skin Brush

  •  Nyasa (Tantric Ritual of Placing Sacred Mantras in the body with Mudras) 

  • Offering of fresh fruit and vortexed mineral infused water


  • Helps to eliminate/prevent: Inflammation, pain, scar tissue, fibrosis, swelling, lymphedema, cellulite accumulation, fat deposits, varicose veins, stagnant energy in the body

  • Improves elimination of bowels, excessive hormones, brain fog, poor memory and so much more

  • Better blood circulation, body fluid balance, immune function

  • Aids in weight loss (can be experienced with one session, optimized with continued sessions), breast cancer recovery, digestion and absorption

  • Tones intestines to prevent constipation

  • Activates parasympathetic nervous system, relaxation and sleep, body hydration

  • Clears stagnant lymph in the brain that can cause hair loss, brittle hair, congestion, pressure, brain fog, memory challenges, early onset dementia alzheimers.

  • Assists with healing symptoms associated with head injuries, concussions, and balancing the menstrual cycle and more

  • Activate the lymphatic system

  • Immediate effect on the systems of the body for eliminating excess waste, hormones, cellular debris, fluid retention, congestion

  • Balance or improve fertility & menstrual cycles

Prema प्रेम: A Sacred Offering of Ritual Heart-Womb Awakening:

(3.5 hours)


  • Ceremonial Offering of Rose Womb Wellness Tea

  • Rose Milk & Honey Ritual Bathing 

  • Far Infrared Sauna Treatment

  • 30 min Shakti Massage

  • 30 min Heart Opener Ritual

  • Anointing with Oil + Nyasa (Tantric Ritual of Placing Mantra in Body with Mudra) 

  • Offering of Rose Nectar Water & Raw Chocolate


  • Bring soft, energetic flow to  visceral organs to support alignment of the uterus; empowering circulation of oxygen and vital nutrients necessary to nourish the entire womb network

  • This therapy activates intuition, creativity, fertility, sensuality, and divine feminine wisdom that is your birthright and guide as you journey this lifetime.

  • With special intentions set during the therapy session, the womb and belly massage can give you deep insights to your purpose with access to direct messages from within your deep womb portal.

  • The womb and belly therapy is a special offering to your own self as this is a  region often overlooked, yet over stressed. 

  • Ocean of opportunity to feel into your most intimate and vulnerable self for healing and self love.

  • During this session, you will have protected time with yourself  to deeply embody and articulate your desires, your passion, your love, your kindness, to release that which no longer needs to reside, while welcoming abundance and peace to the whole of you. 

Prithvi पृथ्वी : A Sacred Ritual Offering of Rooting & Rest

(4 hours)


  • Ceremonial Offering of Roots & Berries Herbal Tea

  • Far Infrared Sauna

  • Ritual Herbal Root & Berry Bath

  • Dry Skin Brush Therapy (includes dry skin brushes to take home)

  • 30 min Relaxation Therapy Massage

  • Earth Clay & Stone Body Ritual

  • Nyasa (Tantric Ritual where Mantra is placed in the body with Mudra)

  • Offering of Fresh Fruits & Vortexed Mineralized Spring Water


  • Awaken the lymph flow of fluids improving immunity, healing, and purification of the entire body.

  • This practice opens clogged pores allowing for activation of the largest eliminatory organ.

  • Deep rest and recovery.

  • Softening of the mind into the divine feminine, to cool and become still, with the darkness of the nothingness, into the embrace of the spirited wise mother. 

  • Release of all unwanted physiological and energetic matter from the body.

  • Scar tissue remediation, breaking up toxins held in the tissues, increasing blood flow, while the dry skin brushing protocol stimulated elimination and revitalization. 

  • PMS relief

  • Deeper sleep

  • Boost immunity

  • Reduce anxiety/depression

  • Headache relief

  • Improved blood flow, oxygen and nutrients

  • Increased mobility and flexibility

  • Skin glow

Kama काम: A Sacred  Ritual Sensuous Sensorium Offering

(3.5 hours)


  • Ceremonial Offering of  Goddess of Love Elixir & Honey + Rose Womb Wellness Tea

  • Rose Milk and Honey Ritual Bath

  • Far Infrared Sauna

  • Sensorium

  • 45 min Embodied Awareness Massage

  • Fertility Awakening/ Pelvic Embodiment Womb Massage

  • Nyasa (Tantric Ritual of Placing Mantra Into The Body with Mudra)

  • Offering of Rose Nectar Water & Raw Chocolate


  • Gain practice speaking the truth of your deepest needs.

  • Flow deeper and deeper into this practiced therapy gaining self mastery in personal assessment.

  • Learn to accept and celebrate yourself without judgment, and feel into the wisdom of your body.

  • Call great awareness into what parts of you have been most neglected and what parts of you wish to be nourished.

  • Expect beautiful surprises from your divine feminine body & greater sensuality, feminine knowing, more awakenings in the body and soul.

  • Deep nourishment to every cell of the body.

  • Clearing of old cellular memories and patterns.

  • Deeper awakening to love and sensuality.

  • Softening into your deepest feminine essence.

These rituals we humbly offer to you as service unto the Goddess Herself and YOU, Her Divine Manifestations.

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